What Age would you like to Reach ?

We have seen the memes, retirement age is 67, Life expectancy is 78, work for 50 years, to enjoy 11? Start to enjoy it now. But what if you could live to be 150?  Researchers at U.C. San Diego have a new gene therapy that might slow down aging.  They tried it on yeast cells, and the cells lived 82% longer.

Now the question is do you want to or are you good with leaving and flying to the angels at a certain age.  Now I question it myself, as I want to see my kids raise kids and what they do in life so I think of I could pass at 125 I’d be ok with that.

Hold up! before you get too excited, they haven’t tested it on humans yet, only yeast.  But it could be a big deal.  Here’s a very simple explanation . . .We age because our cells start breaking down, and previous studies found it happens for two reasons:  Their mitochondria get weaker, and our DNA becomes less stable.

That rings true for yeast cells as well.  But the researchers basically rewired and tricked them, so those two things wouldn’t happen at the same time.  Instead, they alternate. They found that when each one got to take little breaks like that, it slowed down the aging process in general.  And the yeast cells lived 82% longer.

They say it’s just “proof-of-concept” for now, but they think the same type of gene therapy will work on human cells too.  The main concern is, will it be safe?


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