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What can guys wear to work when it’s unbearably hot outside?

You may have noticed that the weather is warming up here in the PNW, and we saw it this past weekend with highs in the mid to upper 8o’s. Now with warmer weather is it ok for Gents to wear a short sleeve shirt to work? I say depends on the business your in and representing. Wall Street Journal fashion critic Jacob Gallagher wonders whether it’s acceptable for men to wear short-sleeved, collared shirts to work instead of their long-sleeved counterparts.

On the one hand, “the shirts work particularly well in commuter cities where you might be trapped in a subway car that is inexplicably blasting 93-degree heat on a 92-degree day. On the other hand, he says these shirts make men look like¬†Office dweebs¬† while wearing a tie and short sleeves

What’re Your Thoughts

~ Danny

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