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What Gives When You Can’t Do Everything?


I will just go ahead and break the ice before I dive into this. When fitz hits the sham I don’t do the dishes.

I know, gross. Go ahead, judge me. I do lol It has been known in our house for dishes to sit in the sink for a few days before someone can get around to emptying the clean and putting in the dirty. These are the things that people don’t tell you when you first become a Mom… That eventually you just won’t be able to do everything. Something will HAVE to give. I think we all are guilty of imagining ourselves being able to juggle all the things – our marriage, the baby, our career, our household, our families, our relationships, the errands, friends, OURSELVES and the list could go on!

Can I get an AMEN?!?

After doing this Mom thing for almost two years now I have finally come to the realization (and am okay with it) that somethings will just have to get dropped. You won’t be able to do all the things you once did because you gladly and willingly replaced them with something so much better. This doesn’t mean you don’t miss those things or that maybe you are still grieving the freedom of your old life but let’s just face it – No one has it all and does it all.

So what gives in your house? Where do you line up the priorities and what gets cut?

In my house (like I said) it is the dishes. They can be done the next day and I’m completely okay with it. While there are a lot of other things on the list that have slipped and become less frequent, the thing that on a consistent basis gets dropped are the dishes. And like I said I just recently became okay with this. I have hardcore judged myself for the last 20 months on all the things I’m not instead of speaking all the things I am. 

If you are where I am at and you’ve succumb to reality – high five girl! You’re making it work and that’s success!

If you are still struggling let me give you some encouragement:

  • You ARE enough
  • You ARE strong
  • You ARE beautiful
  • You ARE more than your to-do lists
  • You ARE more than what your social media shows
  • You ARE are superhero (you grew a freaking human and then birthed it)
  • You ARE doing your best
  • You ARE loved

I hope this meets you in a deep place and helps you feel confident in letting something in your life ‘give.’



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