Do you sleep with a fan in your room, we do and now I know why I have trouble breathing. On warm summer nights, a fan can be the perfect thing to rock you to sleep. It’s like having your own personal breeze at your bedside, bringing just the right amount of coolness or white noise.

Too bad it might not be good for your health. Go ahead and scrunch up your face at the thought of running your air conditioning all night.  there’s nothing terribly troubling about fan use, but there are a number of stories about what that circulating air can do to you when you’re asleep.

After I read some of these storied it made total sense


1. Drying –  sleeping with a fan on overnight is drying. Ever wake up in the morning with a scratchy throat and dry mouth? If you’re a mouth breather when you fall into a deep sleep, the fan air can cause your mouth to dry out. The same thing can happen with your eyes and nose. Some sleep with their eyelids involuntarily open, leaving them prone to redness or dryness.

Virtually drained of their natural moisture, irritated nasal passages may lead to sinus congestion, nosebleeds, or general discomfort as a result of the air wafting around you. In instances where the temperature drops during the night, it can sometimes make matters worse.

2. Allergies- indoor exposure to dust and other allergens can trigger asthma attacks or allergic reactions in some people. Just think about being in a closed room with particles of dead skin cells, dust mite debris, spider webs, and other yucky stuff floating around. Breathing problems, skin eruptions, or dry skin could all be connected to running your fan overnight.

3. Soreness – What you may not have realized is that when the air hits a certain temperature, it can cause your muscles to stiffen up and contract. That weird pain in your neck you woke up with? It could be an effect of your fan’s nightly shots of cool, crisp air. and yes those legs cramps as well

So turn off the fan or just turn it down a bit  Try It  It works

~ Danny

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