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What Have You Started Doing Again Since Being Quarantined?

If I could just speak on behalf of most adults when I say we’ve given up most of our hobbies. Not all… But I’m willing to bet a lot of us (especially parents) are just in a season of life where our own personal time kind of takes a back seat.

There are lots of reasons, right? Schedules, finances, work, kids and the list could go on. But I’d say that TIME is probably the #1 factor that most of us set aside our love for ____ (you fill in the blank).

For me it is music. When I was younger I was a music machine. I was in several choirs, bands, took private lessons, went to camps and practiced all the time. When I got into college that is what I did in my free time or when I needed a break from studying. I actually started at Oregon State University as a music major! I’d grab that guitar or find a piano and just play. At one point I could play piano, guitar, mandolin, flute, piccolo, alto saxophone and I was kind of dabbling in figuring out the native american flute.

Sounds nerdy? Well, maybe but I really found an escape in music and figuring out new songs. Then, I got an adult job and got a community of friends. I played at church but that was really all. Then, I became a Mom and BOOM. Screeching halt.  Between a job, a husband and a new baby… I just didn’t even bother making the time AND I was okay with it because I liked our new life and schedule. Seriously… Didn’t ever cross my mind.

Enter quarantine. Look at the extra time I’ve got. It’s not a TON of time but it is just enough each day that I’ve been making my way over to the piano and starting the play again and… it. feels. good.

It is a thing I didn’t know I missed so much. I even got the guitar out the other day. I realized that I want Bridger to know this side of me and not have it be just a past thing I once did.

So, what have you given up because of life but have decided to pick back up because of your new found time? Is there something you loved and want to get back to? I hope it brings you as much joy as music has brought me.

(Here’s a quick video of me playing piano just yesterday. Enjoy!)


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I haven’t played in FOREVER but heck – let’s give it a go! Don’t mind Bridger being a crazy man in the background 🤗

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