I think we often make the mistake of attributing “evil” to these viruses.  (Virii?  How do you say that again?)

Remember, a virus is a living thing, and living things (in nature) generally only have two goals…  to keep living, and make more of themselves.  All animals are simply looking to survive and replicate.  That’s how the system keeps going.  It’s biological, and the drive is strong.  So when the coronavirus kills its host, it dies as well, which means it has not reached its peak efficiency.  When a lifeform is not operating efficiently, it does what?  It evolves…  and produces variants.  Like omicron.

So… it’s entirely possible that omicron is good news.  The early findings out of South Africa say that it is MORE contagious, but produces less severe symptoms.  This is textbook evolution (if this turns out to be true).  The virus’s ultimate goal would be to spread freely, and live in symbiosis with its host (us).  Hell, maybe it evolves to help us in some way.

We don’t know much about omicron, except that early indicators point toward good news.  If this thing is unlikely to kill anybody, but perhaps provides us some kind of immunity?  That’s actually great news.

I don’t wanna catch it.  I don’t wanna catch anything.  But if it’s going to get me, perhaps I want this new version, because it seems like it’s more interested in playing “nice.”

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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