What’s The Rules In YOUR House

Growing up with working parents was a blessing and a curse,  while my parents went off to work I would stay with my grandparents during weekdays and it was fun, I got a lot of quality time with them. My grandmother aka “Grammy” was a stickler on how she wanted things put away, how to load the dishwasher, and how to cook homemade meals, and we never allowed to touch her precious china.

My grandfather was that loving grandpa and jokester, he was wise and full of knowledge, but man was he meticulous on where his tools went,  and he loved to tinker on little things and would teach us the basic of life and how to fix and build things, and I see a lot of them in me today.

 Today we have rules in our home thanks to them, and It makes we wonder now that the kids are out of school for the Summer,  What are the “Rules of Your Home”

 A recent survey looked at the most common “rules of the house” we had growing up.  How many of the Top 10 did YOUR parents or grandparents make you follow?

1.  You can’t play until you finish your homework.  43% of us had to deal with that one.

2.  No TV until homework is done, 37%.

3.  You can’t leave the table until you eat all your vegetables, 35%.

4.  No sweets until after dinner, 34%.

5.  A limit on TV time if it was a school night, 30%.

6.  Finish everything on your plate even if you don’t like it, 29%.

7.  You can’t do anything fun until your chores are finished, 28%.

8.  No snacks right before dinner, 27%.

9.  Be home before the streetlights turn on, 27%.

10.  No eating in your bedroom, 25%.

People were also asked to name the top things that made someone’s house a “cool house” when they were kids.  The top answers were good snacks . . . video games . . . cable TV . . . a pool . . . and better toys than you had at home.


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