Why The Grammys Are Less Important Than Country Awards

I could talk about how the people who vote on the Grammys look down on the music we love.  I could talk about the list of Grammy winners in the last 10 years that you (a country music lover) have never heard of.  I could point to the history of snubs that would make you laugh…

But one fact from last night’s Grammys sums up the whole thing…

They misspelled Kacey Musgraves’s name.

That’s it.  That sums the whole thing up.  They gave her literally every award she was eligible for, and they didn’t even spell her name right when they introduced her.

I’m not saying the Grammys don’t matter.  Obviously, it’s “music’s biggest award,” so any artist is honored to get one.  I’m sure Dan + Shay are on top of the world this morning.  But I’ll bet if you ask most every country music superstar which award means the most to them…  it ain’t the Grammy on their shelf.  It’s the CMA.  It’s the ACM.  It’s the BMI award.  It’s the Crystal Microphone award.  It’s the awards that are voted on by people who listen to this music every day and love it.  The Grammys come off every year as a stuffy organization that has no grip on the industry.

I don’t want to take anything away from Kacey Musgraves’s win.  She’s one of our best, and I hope the mainstream country music fan adopts her, because we could use more of her in our life.

But for God’s sake, they misspelled her name.  C’mon.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull



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