Today was supposed to be the day.  Today was the day I kick it into gear, and my “health journey” begins.  Today, I lace up my shoes, throw on my workout gear, and head to the gym.  Today, I was to join the millions of other people who are trying to make themselves healthier, better, more attractive, etc…

But what do you know…  I’m not feeling it today.

Why is it that any little hiccup will derail me?  I had a bummer thing happen to me last night, and I can’t shake it, and can feel that I’m going to use it as an excuse to not go to the gym today.  Today was going to be the day, but now I’m not going to.

I’ll probably try not to eat a bunch of terrible shit today, but going to the gym?  I don’t think I’m gonna do that.  I don’t have the mental stability to be alone with my thoughts while I walk on the treadmill.  I can’t even see the benefit today of getting bigger muscles.  I just don’t feel it.  I spent all day yesterday kinda excited about today.  Maybe I’d find that adrenaline that other people say they get when they go to the gym.  Maybe today it would happen for me!

It didn’t.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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