Yes, That Girl In The Chris Lane Music Video Is Bachelor Contestant Hannah Ann Sluss

Bachelor fans… Tonight is our Super Bowl!

The new season of The Bachelor airs tonight and I’m gunna be honest… I’ve been doing some snooping. I wanted to do my research on the girls before the limos arrive. I know, I know… But can ya blame me? I need to have an educated guess at who wins. BUT while I was deep in the dark web I found this gem…

Does that girl look familiar? Hmmm… yes. That would be Hannah Ann Sluss from Alabama. You will see her tonight as a contestant vying for Peter’s love.

From what I understand they don’t just pick anyone to be in music videos so I’m guessing she’s got a modeling contract. If she doesn’t, she should. She’s adorable.

Anyhow. Just thought I’d put that out there as you’re going through the show and see her and think ‘I know her’… You do!



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