Your couch is getting a work out these days and could see 4,428 kisses

So how much couch time did you get the past weekend? I Slept, Hugged, Kissed and tossed & turned on mine for 12 hours. Yes, I got sucked into Netflix and watched The Tiger King featuring Joe Exotic  Let me say Freak Show, and then season one of The Ozarks and Damn it’s good.

Now, If you feel like you’ve spent so much time on your couch over the past few weeks that it’s going to wear out . . . don’t worry, it can handle it. People hold onto couches for an average of 12 years.  And a new survey calculated just what your couch could experience during that time.  Check it out . . .

1.  7,482 hours of TV, or roughly 12 hours a week.

2.  6,960 spills, or about 11 a week. (I Alone spilled 3 times this past weekend)

3.  5,248 hours on social media, or about eight-and-a-half hours a week.

4.  4,293 hours of sleeping or napping, or about seven hours a week.

5.  4,428 kisses, or about one a day.

6.  And the remote getting lost 900 times, or once or twice a week.



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