A whole bunch of high-profile pranksters really got into the spirit of April Fools’ Day on Monday, with The Washington Post compiling a running list of (nearly) all the best and worst online pranks. Twenty-five of them are mentioned below; click on the link for many more:
  1. DJ Khaled isn’t TikTok’s new Chief Motivational Officer.
  2. T-Mobile isn’t disrupting talking on the cellphone by introducing a phone booth.
  3. Shutterstock isn’t opening a brick-and-mortar library for stock images.
  4. Halo Top isn’t launching an edible ice cream face mask.
  5. Lockheed Martin didn’t make a perfume that smells like outer space.
  6. The new Honda Passport isn’t the “Honda Pastport,” a car completely decked out in ’90′s-era technology and decor.
  7. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady isn’t retiring.
  8. FreshDirect isn’t selling cauliflower milk called caulk.
  9. RetailMeNot isn’t starting Dealchella, a festival for hardcore coupon fans.
  10. SodaStream isn’t launching a product to catch burps and turn it into seltzer.
  11. Hallmark isn’t launching a wholesome dating app.
  12. Fatburger isn’t rebranding as “skinnyburger.”
  13. Popchips isn’t launching a single-serving chip that’s wrapped like a certain kind of contraceptive.
  14. Build-A-Bear’s new dating app, Build-A-Bae, is, it turns out, only a joke.
  15. Jagermeister isn’t making bongs now.
  16. Mr. Potato Head’s hipster companion, Mr. Avo Head, is but a Hasbro joke.
  17. Durex isn’t actually offering Mala hot-pot-flavored condoms.
  18. Auntie Annie’s isn’t getting into the hot yoga business.
  19. Petco is not offering pet wedding services.
  20. The next big thing isn’t coffee grounds on toast.
  21. Dippin’ Dots deodorant is fake.
  22. There’s not a new app for dealing with FOMO.
  23. The NFL’s Chicago Bears aren’t giving all its players three digit jersey numbers to celebrate their 100th season.
  24. Pasta air fresheners aren’t real.
  25. REI isn’t launching adventures for pets.

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