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Celebrate pride month with these LGBTQIA+ mental health stories

From the 98.7 The Bull Vault: Ryan Griffin

Enjoy A Little Salt, Lime & Tequila with Ryan Griffin

One way Cassidy works with her anxious thoughts

If you’ve ever thought, “I can’t meditate, because my brain always keeps thinking!” Mental noting, or thought…

From The 98.7 The Bull Vault: Dan + Shay – Thinking Out Loud

Dan + Shay were with us in the studio back in 2015.  Enjoy!

Have you had a GREAT cry lately?

When you’re stuck in your sad/anxious/grieving bubble, how do you get out of it? Lately for me…

Take a few minutes and practice some loving kindness

This is the 5th edition of Mindfully Together, a series of meditations we’ll doing here on the…

From The 98.7 The Bull Vault: Chris Janson – Buy Me a Boat

Chris was with us in the studio back in 2015.  Enjoy!

Cassidy learns how to help your friends (and let them help YOU)

Lisa Cazes and Alizée Falque are two friends who bonded over their mental health struggles. Now, they’re…

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