The Wall Street Journal recently asked its readers for input on how to make air travel more pleasant. Here were six of their more on-point suggestions:
  1. Charge passengers fees for carry-on baggage instead of checked luggage in order to speed up boarding.
  2. Eliminate overhead bins entirely to make the plane feel more spacious and, in turn, limit passengers to one carry-on that will fit underneath the seat in front of them.
  3. Assign overhead bin space like you do seats, to prevent people from taking up more space than they should.
  4. To that end, vigorously enforce prescribed size limits on carry-on luggage.
  5. Restrict how far seats can recline.
  6. Make people purchase seats for their emotional-support animals.

I think all of these suggestions are valid.  If you don’t travel light or have a support animal, you may disagree.  Share your feedback and what other rules would you add?

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