Quick story about Aaron Paul.  When I worked in radio in Boise, Idaho, our country station had a frog mascot that would show up at events and take pics with families.  One of our top sales ladies’ son would wear that frog costume.  That son was Aaron Paul.  Fast forward a couple of decades later, he is the star of Breaking Bad.

Now Aaron Paul’s alter ego, Jesse Pinkman, is on the run in the first full-length trailer for Netflix’s upcoming movie, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story. The two-minute preview, released Tuesday, opens with Pinkman escaping the bloody massacre that–spoiler alert!–saw his former neo-Nazi captors killed in a plot by Walter White. But by the end of the trailer, Pinkman has returned to Albuquerque and has seemingly teamed up with a new partner, as a mysterious voice asks, “You ready?” Jesse responds, “Yeah,” and the trailer fades to black.

To find out more, you’ll have to catch El Camino when it premieres October 11 on Netflix.

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