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Americans Want a COVID-19 Vaccine Before Returning to Normal Life

68% of Americans Want a COVID-19 Vaccine Before Returning to Normal Life. Two new surveys conducted by Gallup have found a slight shift in the amount of people who’ve been adhering to stay-at-home guidelines within the last month. Around 74% of Americans said they are still avoiding small gatherings, a 6% decrease from mid-April. The survey found that the decrease is most prominent among independents and Republicans. Independents are down 10% to 74% of people and Republicans are down 7% to 60% of people. Gallup also found that 16% of people admitted to visiting others in their homes in the last 24 hours.

Although these changes may be an indication that people are growing tired of quarantines, most Americans agree that the country is not ready to return to normal life. 80% of people said that in order to return to normalcy, mandatory quarantines must be enforced for those who test positive for COVID-19. 68% of people also said that having an accessible vaccine is a very important factor in moving forward. In addition, 6 out of 10 people think widespread testing is key to identifying and tracking infection. Nearly 75% of people believe that there needs to be a significant reduction in new cases and deaths before they’d be willing to return to normal activities

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