Are You A Leap Year Baby

My dad was a special soul, he always had a way with words and could always make fun of himself and make others laugh, I Think its where I get his charm . He was a Leap year baby born on Feb 29th and was damn proud to tell ya that, but had to change his Drivers License to the 28th because Ohio State didn’t recognized it as a real day.

Later In Life I’ve discovered and come to meet a few other fine folks that were born on Feb 29th as well and have had the same issues and charisma about them.

Well now I want you to Meet Raenell Dawn Ochampaugh of Keizer Oregon, she is a Leap year baby and is know around the world as  “The Leap Year Lady” and has started the website called the

Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies. Every four years, she becomes thee spokesperson for people born on Feb. 29, speaking to reporters and connecting them with leap day babies across the globe.

In fact She started a birthday club in Los Angeles in 1988 with 21 members. In 1997, she combined efforts with another birthday club created by a man in Vancouver, B.C., and was born.

Today, Dawn claims to have more than 11,000 leap day birthday club members around the world. So If you were fortunate enough to be born on Leap day you need to see this video and connect with Raenell, you probably have lots to talk about


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