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Are you one of the 55% that talks “Rude” to Their Smart Speakers

So do you have Alexa or Google in your home? Imagine what she or he looks like, Imagine them sitting in a studio recording everything? Why would you want to be rude to them?

Well according to a new survey, 55% of people admit they’re, quote, “rude” to their smart speakers and that includes 31% who are rude once in a while . . . 17% who are rude sometimes . . . 6% who are rude often . . . and 1% who are literally ALWAYS rude to their speaker.

So why are people rude?  Maybe this is it:  Only 3% of men and 4%  of women say their smart speaker is PERFECT at interpreting what they’re saying and always responds exactly how they want it to. But . . . plenty of us are really NICE to our speakers too.  Only 19% of people never say “please” or “thank you” to the speaker . . . and 10% always include a please or thank you with a request.


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