Are You Smarter Than Your Significant Other?

Be careful how you answer this question or at least don’t let your better half hear ya , you could end up in theh dog house

Who’s smarter, you or your significant other?  A recent survey found you’re three times more likely to say YOU are the smarter one. In fact this poll almost HAD to be anonymous, because no one’s brave enough to answer this question out in the open . . .

People in relationships were asked who’s smarter . . . them, or their significant other.  And we’re three times more likely to say WE are the smarter one. 30% of people in the poll either didn’t have a partner, or weren’t sure who’s more intelligent.

But of the people who did answer, 33% said they’re the smarter one . . . compared to just 11% who said their partner is. The other 56% said they think they’re both “equally intelligent.”

(Good answer!)

Men were slightly more likely to say they’re smarter . . . 36% compared to 30% of women.


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