An Australian family is “rolling” in toilet paper after mistakenly ordering 48 boxes–instead of 48 rolls–of the household staple online.

The Janetzki family started going viral last week after posting pics of their 2,304 TP rolls, which is enough to last them 12 years. “At the time, I thought, ‘Holy crap,'” dad Chris Janetzki says about receiving the shipment last month. “We’re going to get a laugh out of it for a while.” Coincidentally, of course, the entire planet seems to be experiencing a toilet paper shortage these days amid coronavirus fears. Adds Janetzki, “I’m a pastor of a church and so a friend said, ‘How prophetic are you to be able to see the future and know there was going to be a toilet paper shortage?'”

By the way, the company they placed their order with is called Who Gives a Crap.

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