At most concerts, particularly outdoor country shows, there’s a standard list of people and things to be on the lookout for.  So we’ve compiled a list of things to check off the official Countryfest Scavenger hunt.

  • Fist pump guy… we get it, you love this song.  Your fists in the air, pumping violently is a dead giveaway
  • The Drunk girl crying…there’s always one.
  • Cell Phone Recorder People… why watch the concert when you can record it.
  • Super Patriotic Dresser, Flag all over their outfit.  A little goes a long way, but what do we know!
  • The PDA (public display of affection) couple… y’know the ones making out the whole show, get a room!  There are lots of convenient options downtown. 🙂
  • The Cup Collector… stack em so we know how many you’ve had.
  • Cammo shirt guy… hard to spot.
  • Selfie Overdoser… how many pics do you need in front of the stage?
  • The Person wearing an outfit that isn’t flattering.  Just take a peek in the mirror before you leave the house, that’s all.
  • Super nice police officers… the Portland police always send the coolest officers to patrol Countryfest!
  • Neon Shirt wearers… those are our favorites and the people we bring backstage.  Pro tip, get a neon shirt and put 98.7 The Bull on it somewhere visible for your shot to meet the stars of Countryfest!Feel free to add to the list and let’s get ready to have some fun at the show!  Remember, ticket prices go UP day of show so get tickets in advance HERE.

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