Danny’s Top Tip’s for Hosting Thanksgiving

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving dinner!  In 2020 during the pandemic, I really got into cooking and found it to be quite fun and healthy for myself and the family.  So now Thanksgiving and Christmas family dinners are a must for us.

Now if you are planning on holding Friendsgiving or a traditional family gathering for  Thanksgiving next week, here are some tips I’ve learned to help make things go as smoothly as possible . . .

1.  Don’t mess with success.  On Thanksgiving, stick with the classic dishes and what works.  Unless you come from a family of foodies, it’s not the best time to get inventive and start trying out new recipes.

2.  Make a game plan for fridge and oven space.  So many dishes need to be squeezed in the oven alongside the bird, all for different amounts of time and temperatures.  Come up with a game plan ahead of time to get through it.

3.  make sure you start off with an empty dishwasher.

4.    If you’re hosting more than 10 guests like us, a buffet setup is the way to go.  It’s better, and faster than putting a bunch of hot dishes out and trying to pass them around there could be a gravy collision which is never good

5.   Thanksgiving is all about family and togetherness, right?  Well, if you’re all under one roof, you’ve accomplished something special.  So don’t worry if dinner isn’t served on time or some dish didn’t turn out right, as long as you have friends and family cherish the memories and remember what you could do better next time.

Cheers Happy Thanksgiving and I hope these little tidbits help ya out



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