Do You Have Insecurities? You’re Not Alone

Yes I have insecurities and it bothers me, but just know I’m not alone More than two-thirds (68%) of adults sometimes feel as awkward as they did in their teens, new research suggests. a recent study was conducted and I found this very interesting.

As adults, over half are still uncomfortable about their body shape (55%), hairstyle (53%), and smile (52%). for me it’s My Hair I wish I still had a head of Hair

More men than women are currently self-conscious about their glasses/contact lenses (51% vs. 39%), height (54% vs. 42%), hairstyle (57% vs. 48%), and smile (55% vs. 49%).

and one of the biggest insecurities with Adluts is their Smile , OnePoll conducted that survey on behalf of Smile Express, and results also found that only 30% usually stand in the front row when posing for a group photo, with fewer women than men doing so (24% vs. 34%).

However, 72% have had a “glow-up” since their teen years, resulting in clearer skin (53%), a better haircut (51%), fitter body (50%) and straighter teeth (49%).

And eight in 10 (83%) reported feeling more confident as a result. Me Included, I’ll admit I Was a  skinny kid with  orange hair and I’m happy to admit, I definitely had a Glow up in my later years


So If you feel insecure, let go Stand Proud and don’t let the little things bother ya. I Think YOU look Great



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