What’s the Most Basic Life Skill You’ve Never Learned? for me, its more a trade skill and that is electrical work It baffles me and scares me.  Everybody knows how to make toast, right? Not so fast: Lifehacker just got several readers to confess the most basic life skill they never learned. Several responses are below and I think it’s going to blow your mind
  1. Opening a combination lock
  2. Blowing up balloons
  3. Hooking a bra behind my back
  4. Whistling
  5. Blowing bubble-gum
  6. Figuring out what direction I’m facing
  7. Putting on makeup
  8. Money-related arithmetic
  9. Spitting
  10. Typing
  11. Opening childproof caps
  12. Using a dryer
  13. Sweeping
  14. Making a grilled cheese sandwich
  15. Riding a bike
  16. Making toast

Come On Admit it, Which one did you not know how to do

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