Somedays you feel like you hit a dead end at work, Leaving your job is a huge decision. But staying in a job that’s getting you nowhere can have a lasting negative impact on your career.

Here are Four major signs, it’s time to rethink your game plan

1. No Room For Growth

Are you finding there’s no way to move up in your current company? Maybe you’re at a company,  where, “there’s someone above you who’s never going to leave the organization. “The facts are, you can’t move up, or maybe even sideways, because no one is moving out.”If you don’t leave, she says, “you’ll never grow.” this is one of the top signs that it’s time to move on.

2. You Have An Embedded Reputation

Another good reason to leave is what’s called s an “embedded reputation.”Say you started out as an assistant. Some people will never see you as anything but. Or maybe you were part of a project that tanked. Failure can cling to you, even when it’s not your fault.”Regardless, factors like these can leave you with an “un-promotable” or “damaged goods” vibe. And when that happens, she says, “you must go find a place to start again.”

3. You’re Not Excited

If you feel “angry, blah or negative ” about your company’s product or lack of service, that’s a clear sign that it’s time to quit. You have to be happy and excited  “Life is short and precious,”. “Don’t spend 40 or 50 hours a week working to advance something you won’t conquer .” Instead, “find a company that makes you proud to say, ‘I work here.’”

4. You feel called to start your own business

If you’re being called morning, noon and night to do your thing,” then chances are it’s time for you to cut ties and quit your job. But,  before putting in your two weeks, you have to be certain that you’re ready for entrepreneurship. “Just remember, “wanting your own success takes a lot and I mean a lot of dedication and hours to be your own boss and If you do, go build it!

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