Get Started Planning Your Family Summer Vaca Right Now

The summer travel season is in full planning mode right now. and after being locked more than a year of a pandemic-induced travel lull, people are ready to get back out and about and see the world.

We are planning to make a family getaway to Boise this year to enjoy Silverwood Theme Park for the very First time and I’m excited to hit the water slides. AAA  cited in a recent survey showing that they expect this to be a busy summer for people, flying, driving, or sailing to a destination away from home.

This year with people receiving their vaccines they see increased travel and big losses to the industry from last year, so travelers need to beware as businesses try to make up for lost revenue.

So they here is  “Plan early, Plan ahead but check often, because there are times when prices have come down

So where ever your family travels take you this summer, remember to have fun, take lots of pictures and create those special family memories and cherish them

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