Spring is here flowers are blooming and today is going to be the warmest day of 2019 and you know what that means? Propane tanks are filling up Its cookout season time to fire up the BBQ.

With that in mind, how should you go about cleaning your grill without ruining it? whatever you do DO NOT USE OVEN CLEANER. Start with these five  easy steps to get your grill ready

1. Remove the grates, set them aside and use your grill brush to push the debris that’s inside the grill into its bottom tray.

2. Remove the tray and dump all that debris into the trash, then use a damp rag to wipe out the inside of the grill cabinet.

3. Scrub the tray and grates with hot, soapy water; if there’s a lot of stuck-on food or greasy buildup, use a soap impregnated steel wool pad like Brillo or S.O.S. to break it down

4. The exterior of the grill can be wiped clean with soapy water or a gentle cleanser like Bon Ami which is safe to use on both stainless steel and enamel — if you need more scrubbing power, opt for a non-scratch Dobie Pad, and don’t use steel wool to avoid abrading the exterior’s finish.

5. Lastly, double check for any loose wire bristles before you fire that baby up

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