They want us all to be on the lookout…  for somebody dropping off bags of poop in East Multnomah Co.

Gross, right?

For several years now, somebody has been dropping off bags of poop along county roads in Corbett, Springdale, & Troutdale.  There seems to be a method to the madness…  bags are dropped off at predictable intervals, and are usually in Wal-Mart or other grocery store bags.

It’s a pretty disgusting thing…  but here’s the part that annoys me the most…  one dude is in charge of cleaning this up.  His name is Dave Thomson, and he’s a hero as far as I’m concerned.  Normally something like this would be spread out amongst the force of people who deal with these kind of things, but in this case, this is Dave’s job, and he can’t spread out the workload.

So…  here’s what we do…  we keep an eye out.  If we see this happening, we get a pic of the person, or grab their license plate, and we take something poor Dave Thomson’s plate.  This is too gross for one man to handle, so let’s pitch in.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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