Yes.  This is a great idea.

I’ve long been on record that we need alternate ways to commemorate our passed loved ones.  A cemetery where we bury our dead and leave them there forever is a lovely sentiment, and I cherish being able to visit the final resting place of my ancestors.  But we’re out of room now.  There’s too many damn people, and if we’re gonna keep making more, we need new solutions for the abandoned vessels of departed souls.

Cremating is fine.  That don’t hurt nothin’.  But I’m 100% down for the more-creative ideas I’ve heard!  Being pressed into a diamond is one of the cooler ones.  I’ve also heard of having your ashes pressed into a vinyl record that is of your favorite song.  Also, cool!

So, I’m all for the new law in Oregon that allows for human composting.  Properly done, a human body can be turned into a nutrient-rich compost in about two months, at which point the compost can be used to grow anything from trees to a flower bed or a vegetable garden.  You are helping the environment, and you are not taking up any space with the body that you aren’t using anymore.

I can already hear one detractor’s point, “but your impact is only gonna last a few years!  How will your great-grandchildren remember you?”  Same way we remember anybody these days.  Digitally.  I have 8 great-grandparents, and I can name about…  3 of them?  My point is…  you’ll be gone 100 years after your death.  Like, forever.  Don’t tie up real estate out of arrogance.

This is a great idea.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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