I did it! I think…

There is a chance of backsliding, but for now let me just celebrate this small achievement. Whoever thought I would be able to go this long without a cigarette? Here I am 14 days in and not one cigarette, since I quit cold turkey. Like many do, I tried to cut down on smoking, but that went on for what seemed like forever. It was seriously about a year of me telling myself to just cut down, till eventually I could be down to 2 a night… 2’s not bad! Lol It’s funny, the lies we tell ourselves.

Could I handle cigarettes because I’m in control of myself? The answer is no! I used to be the “I only smoke when I drink” gal. To be honest it was only when I got drunk. This turned into smoking every evening because I drink pretty regularly . Something I’m now aware of, is that I can’t get drunk.  If I get drunk, I’ll get weak and I might cave on buying a pack of cigarettes.

Why don’t they sell cigarettes in smaller packs?!

How many of us wish they sold a package of 5 cigarettes so you could be done with the pack if you do get weak!? This is a common thought process for smokers trying to cut down. You get weak and buy a pack but are tortured with the thought of flushing the rest down the toilet. On a regular basis some smokers will pay the higher price for only 1 pack of cigarettes to limit their consumption. Tobacco companies want your steady business so there won’t be 5 packs anytime soon. Why would they help you quit, that’s bad business!

The downside

I gained 12 pounds!!! Holy heart failure! I feel it too, that gross bloated feeling, blech! I’ve been hitting up the snacks to replace the ciggie habit. This isn’t uncommon as this is a reason many women won’t quit. I’m accepting this 12 pounds with hopes that eventually I’ll tackle a healthier diet again. I fell off that wagon a month ago when I hurt my back and stopped frequenting the gym. My doctor just gave me the green light to get back to the gym though.  To bad I kind of just kind of want to wallow in my self pity for a minute.

How’d I do it?

Prayer and cheese. Obviously I ate more to deal with the desire to smoke. You better believe there has been tears as I asked for comfort from God. I gave him my anxiety and stress.  I’m doing this to better myself through him. I’m far from perfect but I’m trying to get to a better spiritual well being and that means cutting out some things in my life. One down, now I tackle food and gasp wait for it….DRINKING!! Oh snaps this is scary but I have faith!

If you quit smoking, how’d you do it!

Cold Turkey? Prayer? Cheese?

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