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The best sharp cheddar cheese in the world…  is made right here in Oregon, and you can guess who makes it.  Tillamook Creamery entered several cheeses in the World Championship Cheese Contest (yes, that’s a thing), and won several spots in the Top 5.  Oregon may have a big problem with fentanyl, but we also have lovely cheese pairings for it.

Bummer news here on the housing market, which we all know is crazy in this area, but get this; in 2020, in order to afford a “typical” home in Portland, you needed to make about $95K.  Now, in 2024, in order to afford a “typical” home?  You need to make $161K.  Anybody get a $60K raise in the last four years?  No?  Sucks to be young.

And finally, a lot of people were bummed that Beaches Restaurant in Vancouver was closing its doors, but you’re getting a pretty schmancy place to replace it, as the Oswego Grill will be opening its first Washington location at that spot by next summer.  Think of it as the second best place to take your prom date…  after Denny’s of course.

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