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In the first ever time that Portland has the 3rd pick in the draft, The Blazers have drafted Scoot Henderson from the G League to join the team in the upcoming season.  Keep in mind, we’ve never had the 3rd pick, which means we’ve never messed up the 3rd pick.  Let’s stay hopeful!

Today begins the first day of a week and a half run for the Venardos Circus, which is an animal-free circus put on by a former Ringling Bros. Ringmaster.  It’s happening at the Vancouver Mall… it’s Broadway theatrics mingled with circus tomfoolery.  Get your tickets now!

And finally, look to the skies this weekend in SW, as the Festival Of Balloons is back for another year of fun.  15 balloons will be in the sky each morning for the next three days, and four balloons will stay on or near the ground, offering tethered rides as part of the festival.  That will happen in Cook Park.

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