Pack up the kids and head to McMinnville this weekend, ‘cause it’s alpaca time.  Today is the first day of the 2024 Columbia Alpaca Breeders Association and Alpaca Western Extravaganza Dual Show…  two shows!  More alpaca action (alpaction) than you can stand.  Alpaca showings, alpaca petting, alpaca products, and I have to assume alpac-oohing and alpac-aahhhhing.

That’s Yamhill Co., but go even further to the coast, and it gets possibly even cuter…  the seal pups are starting to arrive.  If you go, it’s entirely possible that you’ll see them up on the beach looking stranded, but that’s just because momma is off swimming, and the pup is resting.  Authorities say don’t touch them; probably better if I just don’t go, because I’d pet that.

And finally, congratulations to two NW cities making the Best Places To Live list.  Camas, Washington has been named in the Best Kept Secrets category (if you’ve ever been there, you know why), and Eugene was named in the “Not Just A College Town” category, and gotta say, I was there recently, and I had crazy-good Mexican food.  Props!

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