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There’s a landslide happening in Astoria, but this isn’t a “shut down the highway while they clean it up” situation like usual, this is a 5-acre plot of land that is slowly trying to get to the ocean.   They’re gonna go in with engineers and test it, but for now the 8 homes on the land are under evacuation order, since they’re suddenly mobile homes.

Speaking of moving Earth, earthquakes are suddenly a concern again, but not The Big One off the coast, but the faultlines actually under Portland.  Portland State University researchers have found the fault-lines under Portland are twice as likely to shake the city than we thought, we could ALL be living in mobile homes in the next 50 years.

But finally, until then, feel a little pride in Portland as Conde Nast has named it #5 on the list of most-walkable cities in the country.  Lots of access to transit, lots of amenities nearby, these are all things that Portland does well.  And really, we should be #4, because the #1 on the list is downtown Disneyland.  Which, yes, but that doesn’t count.

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