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Bauman’s Harvest Festival is back for 2023, one of the many farms that open their doors this time of year, but what sets them apart is variety.  Corn maize, yes, but also a dark corn maize, Apple Cannon, Obstacle course, twice as many kids’ events as other places…  Get your puffy jacket and flannel and make the time.

Oregon Live is asking the question; who is Oregon’s official movie/TV star?  They propose folks like Sally Struthers, Mel Blanc, Lindsay Wagner…  I think they’re missing quite a few, but they are asking you…  at Oregon

And finally, you heard us talking about this on Danny & Jake’s podcast…  a company called Agility Robotics in Corvallis is staffing up with the goal of building 10,000 of these robots, called Digits, per year.  They’ll be built in Salem, which in the future will be known as, Robot Overlord HQ.  Time to decide which side you want to be on.

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