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National Geographic has released their list of the best beach towns, and as usual, it’s a lot of East Coast places, Jersey, Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts, but California is on there, Hawaii, and our own Cannon Beach made the list as well.  We are pretty proud of that one.

Stay out of the Willamette, because 11,000 gallons of raw poopy spilled into the river yesterday.  It was a malfunction at a nearby pump station, and they say it’ll be unsafe until tomorrow-ish.  Y’know I’m a big cheerleader for that river, but they sure make it hard sometimes.

And finally, Salt & Straw has released their list of Fall Flavors.  It actually sounds pretty good, but it’s Salt & Straw, so if you dig in to the ingredients, one of the flavors has mealworms and crickets in it.  Ahhhhh, Salt & Straw…  how are you even a business?  Gotta respect ‘em.

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