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This year’s kicker is gonna be a big one.  Oregon may not have a perfect set of laws, but the law we made that if the state takes in too much money from taxes, they have to give it back…  that’s a good one.  This year, you’ll be getting back 44% of the money you paid to the state in 2022.  Spend it on something stupid; don’t be boring.  The economy needs you.

Last night, we knew Damian’s return was gonna be special, but…  you took it too far.  The standing ovation for Damian Lillard last night lasted so long, the PA Announcer had to break in and ask everybody to sit down.  Dame was obviously touched by it, and was then rewarded…  with the Blazers winning the game.  Whoops.

And finally, the Grammys are this weekend, and a local woman is up for one.  Coty Raven Morris is a music teacher at Portland State University and has been nominated for a music educator Grammy, which I didn’t even know existed, and now suddenly, I care about the Grammys again.

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