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You don’t often get to see action footage from the Portland Bike Cops, but they had a good weekend, busting seven fentanyl dealers, a couple of which they had to chase down.  Way to go, Bike Cops.  The story on KOIN said they also recovered a stolen gun…  and that they towed a vehicle?  I think that was just written misleading.

We’re not watching enough Blazers, apparently.  Since last year at this time, TV viewership of The Blazers has dropped 49%, practically half, and that’s the biggest drop in the NBA.  Although, I don’t think it’s a mystery why; they took the games off basic cable, and, when the best Blazer ever leaves the team, we’re not gonna care as much.

Speaking of Dame, he had an amazing weekend, taking home the All-Star game MVP award AND the 3-point contest victory, and speaking of former Oregon basketball players, a head-to-head showdown between Sabrina Ionescu & Steph Curry ended in heartbreak as our girl…  lost to Steph in a head-to-head exhibition.  Only barely though; she’s awesome.

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