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You gotta be a certain age to know how big a deal this is, but Blink-182 is doing their One More Time tour, and it’s coming to the Moda Center on July 13th.  It’s not NSYNC, but the Moda is gonna be just as full for this.  We’re gonna take our ibuprofen first, but we’re gonna rock that place.

You’ve probably heard that you can make a little money fishing for pikeminnow in the Columbia, but one dude took that pretty serious.  He caught 10,755 pikeminnows this year, and pulled down over $100K.  Enjoy thinking about him while at your job today.

And finally, no scrap has ever been found from DB Cooper 52 years ago, no clothes, no pack, no nothing…  just a little bit of the money.  But one dude says he’s uncovered new evidence, and says he is positive that the parachute will be found in a tree & blackberry-lined trench, and he and his team are headed in this week.  We’ll see!

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