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Over 100 boats have been cleaned up from our two main waterways since last summer as part of a new joint operation from the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and Metro.  For years, there was just no money to do anything about them, but there is now, and they’ve been working hard.  Nice to know there’s room for your boat when you get stupid next summer.

Thanks to a new overdose team that was launched just a few weeks ago for Portland Fire, firefighters are already feeling the relief.  People don’t realize that firefighters are often called to deal with health issues, because they’re trained to do that, but it’s not what they signed up for.  This new team is heroes that help other heroes focus.

And finally, there’s a few reasons to root for the Niners this weekend in the Superbowl.  Deommodore Lenoir & Arik Armstead both played for University of Oregon, and Ben Bartch, who plays guard is from McMinnville and went to Blanchet in Salem.  So there you go, wear red this weekend.  It’s the safest.

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