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We gotta put a spotlight on the BottleDrop Ladies.  This is an organization that operates at the Milwaukie Bottle Drop location, and it’s simple…  a lot of homeless people go there, so they go there and help.  Not just coats & blankets & food, but they connect them to jobs and other help too.  The BottleDrop Ladies; they have a Facebook Page.  Give ‘em a hand.

Another wolverine was sighted in Oregon, where they don’t live, following two sightings last year.  This was in Barlow, and it all feeds into my conspiracy theory that the animals are rising up against us.  But remember the key to conspiracy theories is only talk about it when it happens, not on the hundreds of days where it doesn’t.

Finally, you probably spend your free time wondering…  the woman with the biggest tongue…  where does she live?  Right here in Portland, as it turns out.  Jenn Duvander is a local, and her tongue is 5.21 inches around, making her the new Guinness Book of World Records Holder.  Portland has a lot of problems, but it also has her, baby.

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