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A dense fog advisory was issued this morning in the area, warning about low visibility out there. Is that really advisory worthy? Does my Alexa advice need to bing bong at 10:30 to tell me that? Won’t I find that out when I walk outside? How does it change anything for me to know it in advance?

If you are in the online dating world, and you feel like ghosting is a problem, at least consider this… it’s more of a problem in every other state. According Forbes, Oregon is the state filled with people least likely to ghost eachother. That’s a good stat! We should be proud of that.

You probably heard that Rite-Aid is filing for bankruptcy; they’re in trouble. They’re gonna close 150 stores, but here’s the good news… only one of those are near here. The one on Cesar Chavez is gonna shutter, but the rest of them are safe. Best place for Easter candy if you ask me.

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