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If you’re doing a touch-up on any part of your house, you can get free paint right now, courtesy of Oregon Metro.  All year long, they collect extra paint from commercial and private projects, and this is the weekend, they give it out.  You have until tomorrow to claim some.

On Sunday, traffic near downtown is gonna be messed up, because it’s Portland Marathon weekend.  Kicks off Sunday morning early and will have streets closed down until 1 p.m.  Even if you avoid the route itself, any streets nearby have to pick up the slack.  Plan accordingly.

And finally, Damian Lillard leaving is a big story, and we’re all sad about it…  but is he coming back?  His goodbye letter, which is honestly one-of-a-kind, mentions that he does “believe a day will come where he puts on a Blazers jersey again.”  We will leave the light on, Buddy.

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