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WSDOT has a new plan to help clean up graffiti, and that plan is, “eh, let the robots do it.”  A highway worker in Washington was tired of having to redeploy crews from bridge repair to clean up graffiti, so had a drone made that can paint over it.  It’s the first of its kind, which will be definitely followed by the first-of-ITS-kind graffiti drone that puts it back.

Arena Football is back in Oregon!  This is close to my heart as I was the PA Announcer of the last Arena Football team that was here.  This is the third time the AFL has tried to make a go in the Beaver State; this time it’s the Oregon Blackbears, who call the Pavilion at the Oregon State Fairgrounds home, and so far, undefeated in their house.  They play tomorrow; get your tickets.

And finally, I am amazed this is still a story.  You might have seen that 4 zebras escaped from a horse trailer on the highway up in Washington, but here’s the thing…  one is still on the loose.  We don’t even know where she is right now…  how is this possible?  How is she surviving?  How did we lose her?  What is she blending in somewhere?  Hiding in a pack of referees?

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