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A guy in Vancouver was robbing a pickup, and when cops showed up, he stole a bike, ditched the bike, entered a business, stole a cell phone, punched the owner, climbed a roof, then tried to escape the roof by jungle gym-ing across a power line, and stayed up there for 45 minutes, and they caught him with a firetruck.  I normally don’t do crime on these videos, but dude was theatrical.

There’s a new class you can take at PCC called UFOs, UAPs, Government & the Media.  Right?  The teacher is a local TV producer with a fascination for UFO sightings, and in this class, you’ll research footage and coverage and interviews of people who have seen them, and I presume media coverups?  No credit for this class, and it’s BYO tin-foil hat.

Finally, always fun when Oregon tops a list, and this seems good…  Oregon is #1 for supporting workers with families.  Childcare access & paid family & medical leave were graded, and we were the only state to get a B+.  Of course, you could argue we need to be the best because it’s so darn expensive to live here, but who would bring that up?

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