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In 2019, Salem Firefighter Mo Stadeli died of job-related cancer after serving for 28 years.  It’s been a little tough for his widow to receive benefits due to legal issues, but yesterday, the state withdrew the challenge, and all is well now.  Sometimes the good guys win.

PGE says this time of year is the time of power outages, and recommend you be ready for that.  Sudden rain, high winds, cold weather, it all knocks down trees, so PGE says have some backup food, water, candles, and they always say a hand-crank radio, which delights me.  Thanks for the love, PGE.

And finally, get ready to cheer for one of Oregon oldest and ugliest critters.  The Pacific Lamprey was seeing some declining numbers, but the latest counts have them bouncing back huge.  Props to them for doing it themselves; I don’t think a telethon would have worked.

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