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Mother Nature is predicted to warm up tomorrow, but she’s gonna have one last temper tantrum this afternoon.  Warmer air above colder air is gonna send us rain, which turns into freezing rain, which messes us up.  More trees are gonna come down, and the roads are gonna be bad tonight.  Tomorrow…  we start healing.

In the meantime, the City has put out some words about hiring an arborist if there’s a tree you need to deal with.  First, beware of the door-to-door folks, wanna make sure there’s no fraud.  Second, get more than one estimate, talk to your friends, research them online.  This from the City that does none of that.  Good advice though.

And finally, TriMet.  TriMet is at least self-aware.  They’re like just don’t ride us today.  TriMet said the Blue Line is gonna run today, but that’s the only one, and the buses will all still have chains, so they will all be super slow.  I like TriMet; I always have.  They know it ain’t your money that keeps them afloat.  The government does that.

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