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I-5 was closed last night north of the Rose Quarter as they repaired an expansion joint.  It was essentially a pothole on an overpass, but remember a pothole on a bridge is a hole in the bridge.  They had to chip away the old concrete, make a mold and fill the hole, all while diverting traffic.  Also, it needs to be said, this is not a great week to be having bridge troubles.

Today is the day that March Madness kicks off at the Moda Center for this half of the Women’s Bracket, and the day Beaverton’s own Cameron Brink returns home to play in the tournament representing Stanford.  Also, this morning, the Oregon State Beavers attempt to take down Notre Dame across the country in New York.  Go Beavs.

And finally, gonna be lovely this weekend, so if you’re planning to head to the coast, beware of by-the-wind sailors.  They’re jellyfish-like critters, which are kinda blue, and they are venomous, not so much to humans, but a little bit.  But they are washing ashore at a bunch of places along the coast, and after they die, they stink, so steer clear.

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