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Congratulations, Portland, we live in the 10th worst city to own a car…  yay.  The study was based on things like gas prices, access to repairs, number of rainy days, car thefts…  stuff like that.  It’s not about how we drive, which, on rainy days seems like we should be better at it, and it also doesn’t mention Washington drivers.  (I’ll take any chance to poke that bear.)

A Silverton-born astronaut is headed to the International Space Station to join the Camas-born astronaut that’s already there.  Don Pettit will fly on the Russian Soyuz rocket later this year; is it weird we still work with Russia on these flights; yeah.  Is it also kinda hopeful that scientists can set aside differences for science?  Yeah?  But still weird?  Yeah.

And finally, the Baker’s Dozen Coffee Beer & Donut Festival is kicking back off this weekend in NE Portland.  It blends three things that Portland does really well, Coffee, Beer, & Donuts.  By the way, the beers have coffee flavors, that’s how beer ties in.  The drinkers in Portland are not so far gone that they roll out of bed for a cruller and a growler.

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