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New Bridge Pics just dropped!  The Interstate Bridge Replacement Program has released some projected pics of what the new Interstate Bridge could look like when we replace it.  Nothing is decided yet, but they’re looking at short & wide, or tall & stacked, and then they’ll swipe right on the sexiest one.  $6 Billion is the projected cost; that’s an expensive date.

The future of your leaf-blower is being decided today by Portland City Council.  If they do ban gas-powered blowers, it’ll be a slow roll-out, because they realize the electric ones aren’t quite good enough to handle the wet leaves, so there’ll probably be some months where they’re allowed.  One thing’s for sure, you’ll find out who your cranky neighbors are.

And finally, we got some local horse champions.  The Flying Stars team out of Beaverton were recently crowned national champs at the Equestrian Vaulting USA Championship.  They describe it as gymnastics on a horse.  Congrats to Haley, Sidney, Greta, & Aili; I didn’t even know there were any horses in Beaverton, let alone the best.

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